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WITT National Network (WITT NN) is an education and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and assisting in the recruitment, training and retention of women in trades, technology, operations and blue collar work (TTO/BCW) across Canada.

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  • Posting: Seeking Trades Instructors

Learn how you can become a member of WITT NN and how to start a local WITT group.

WITT NN is involved in a number of exciting projects. Click here to check them out.
  • CTW (Construction Technology for Women)
  • Employment Equity
  • Employment Retention
  • Win IT (Women in Information Technology)
  • WITT Works!

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Visit this section to learn more about the activities of some of the WITT groups across Canada.

Whether you're already working or training in trades and technology or exploring career opportunities, check these pages for links to many useful Web sites. We've included a special section on apprenticeship and a page of links especially for girls interested in technology.